Hi Ho Hi Ho

Good Morning.  I’ve landed another real estate gig today and will be doing that this afternoon.  I really enjoy shooting architecture and while these shoots for the realtors don’t allow for a whole lot of creativity it seems to be really good practice.  I say not a lot of creativity because I do these real estate shoots for a company called Floor Plan On-line. They have a prescribed set of images they want for their website with certain exposure characteristics.  But as I said it’s good practice.  I spend a lot of time making sure composition is correct and making sure that I have the necessary exposures to composite images with as they are insistent that the windows not be over exposed or blown out.  They also ask that I shoot with ambient light.  This definitely provides some challenges and requires a certain amount of post work.  The best part of working with them is they require a 24 hour turn around on the images.  That can be as many as 30 images completed in 24 hours.  All in all though it’s not bad.  I get to see and shoot some really high end homes and am putting together a great portfolio of images.


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