It’s Starting

Well things are starting to pick up.  I’ve got 3 real estate jobs scheduled and 2 more pending.  So it looks like it’s going to be a busy week.  On top of that my girlfriend and I are in the midst of looking for a new place ourselves.  It wasn’t until I started looking at all of these different houses that I realized just how bad most real estate photography is.  I understand that most realtors don’t think that quality photography is worth the extra cost.  Especially on the houses that are in the middle price range.  I have seen more images that are under exposed, not framed properly, not level or just plain bad than I thought I would ever want to see.  I really can’t believe the number shots of just a fireplace I’ve seen.  Do they really think that gives a potential buyer any idea what the house feels like?  Especially when the fireplace isn’t clean.  There also seems to be an overall aversion to putting the toilet seat down.  If I have one bit of wisdom to pass along to realtors it’s this.  Take 10 minutes and make sure that the place is clean and de-cluttered.  Hide the dirty dishes.  Put the kid’s toys away.  And make sure the toilet seat is down.  In this day and age where most people do their house hunting on line, quality pictures do more to get a potential buyer’s interest than you think.  I will admit that I’m fortunate to work with realtors who get it and shoot a lot of high end properties.  For that I am truly grateful.

As I promised a while back here are some finished images from a house in Upper Merion.  This one was not staged.  Just great decorating on the current owner’s part.


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