When it rains it pours.

OK let’s get one thing straight right off the bat.  I am NOT complaining.  Maybe a little kvetching but definitely not complaining.  I know it’s been awhile but I do have an excuse.  It might be lame but it is an excuse.  I have done 9 shoots in the past 10 days.  Including a house that was about 8000 square feet, 3 floors with a finished basement and best of all it had an elevator.  How many houses have you been in that have an elevator?!  This is not including the house for the au pair, the barn/office/gym/5 car garage, the other 3 car garage, or the pool/pond house.  This shoot took more than 6 hours on site and I’m still in the middle of processing them out.  I will definitely post some later today when I’m done.  Oh and I’m already booked on two shoots for next week.  I did say I liked to stay busy.  Watch what you wish for.  Have a great day everyone.


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