Some More Work (Maybe)

Last night I had another work opportunity come to my doorstep.  I had a phone meeting with a company that specializes in last minute hotel reservations.  They were looking for a photographer to shoot some of their participating hotels in Atlantic City.  We also spoke about doing it in the Philly area.  Overall it went well and looks like I might be doing contract work for them in the near future.  We’ll just have to wait and see what comes of it.  That’s why I said “Maybe” in the title.  I don’t like to count on something until comes through.  If it does you folks will be some of the first to know and I’ll reveal the company’s name then.

On another note.  Here’s another image that I came across while combing through my pictures yesterday.  It was taken almost a year ago when my girl came out to visit me LA.  I took her up to the Getty Museum to walk around.  It was one of my favorite places for pictures.  We lucked out and experienced a magnificent sunset.  Here’s one of my images from that sunset.  Enjoy and have a great day.



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