More Work!!!!

Well I know it’s been a couple of days.  What can I say.  I’ve been busy.  This is not a bad thing.  I’ve done 12 houses in the past 2 weeks.  As usual everybody needs their images “NOW”.  I’ve been doing this for a company called Floor Plan Online.  It’s been an OK gig but they have very unrealistic turn-a-round time.  24 for images and 48 for floor plans.  It makes for a grueling schedule and really limits the amount of work I can do in a week.  And as usual, the pay is not great.  They actually pay me more for the floor plans than they do for the images.  It should really be the other way around.  But it just goes to show how much people discount the photography.  I do think my work is far exceeds anything else available on their website.  For that I am very proud.

Now for the big news.  I have landed another gig shooting hotels and resorts for a company called “Hotel Tonight”.  They are an app company that has an app for your Iphone or Droid that allows you same day booking of hotel room.  They work in conjunction with the hotels and provide deep discounts on leftover rooms.  When you log in you select the city you need the reservation in.  They provide you with 3 choices.  Unlike other sites, you get to see the hotel, a couple of pictures and the rate you will be charged.  No you don’t get a choice of king or queen, or the size of the room.  Remember these are leftovers.  But you do get a great rate.  I will be doing  my first shoot for them next Tuesday.  I will post some images as soon as I’m done.

Have a great day!


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