It’s Been Awhile

Today I was getting set to start work when I noticed I hadn’t blogged in long time.  Not that there hasn’t been a bunch to talk about but life just somehow got in the way.  I won’t bore you with all the personal details.  Let’s just say I’ve driven down and up the the Eastern Seaboard in past couple of weeks, plowed through a TON of paperwork with my girlfriend, and driven about 1000 miles.  And did I mention negotiating for a new house?  Not once but twice.  Oh and tried to get some work done.  Well the weather didn’t cooperate last week and made it very difficult to get the exterior shots for this house I’ve been trying to get finished.  I finally did get it finished and am working on the post processing right now.  In fact I should be doing that as opposed to typing this but I thought you guys might have missed me or something.  As usual I will post a couple of shots.  That’ll have to be either later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime enjoy this little tidbit.  Conjuring up the warmer days to come.


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