Atlantic City

During my self-induced, blogging hiatus I finished up the work for Hotel Tonight thanks to my good friend Reid Mason of Mason Photographics.  (He’s an awesome photographer and Photoshop guy in West Virginia.  Not to mention one of my best friends.)  He helped me with post processing on the majority of these images.  Without his assistance I never would have met the deadline.  Because, as we all know, nobody wants their material until everybody else wants theirs.  So here’s a couple of shots from my Atlantic City trip.

If I Waited Any Longer

To say I’ve been a bit lax in my blogging would be an understatement.  It’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted anything and I feel that I must apologize for that.  I didn’t mean to leave you hanging.  I guess a quick update is in order.  I’ve been relatively busy.   I’ve shot a number of houses for Floor Plan Online including a 7500 square foot home that is the largest house I’ve shot to date.  It is the house of a local interior designer by the name of  Rebecca Paul.  To say it was beautiful would not be doing it justice.  It was originally built in 1883 and has 7 bedrooms.  Rebecca has converted the entire third floor into her design offices.  Needless to say the entire dwelling was very tastefully decorated.  It was not pretentious and had a wonderful “lived in” feeling to it.

On top of all this work my girlfriend Kim and I have closed on a house.  Settlement date is May 16th.  So we will be moving.  I’m very excited about this.  We get the space that we need as a family of 4.  The cats and dog get the room they need so they aren’t in each others face all the time.  And best of all I get a space for my photography studio.  So in the not too distant future be prepared to start seeing some product and portraiture work in addition to all the architecture stuff.  The fun will begin with painting the interior.  We are getting new appliances installed and a bit of remodeling before we are moved in.  We’ve given notice at the house we’ve been renting and will be out of here on the 15th of June.  Let the insanity ensue!!!

Here are a couple of images from Rebecca Paul’s home.  Enjoy