Not Half Bad

I just finished reading today’s blog from Photoshop Guru and photographer extraordinaire Mr. Scott Kelby.  He had a guest blogger, RC Concepcion, who touched on a subject that I can totally relate to.  That is how hyper-critical we can get of our own work.  In his blog RC talks about the fact that he doesn’t have any of his images displayed in his house.  This being the result of thinking that, in spite of having Terabytes of images, none of his work was worthy of being hung on a wall.  How, as he put it, when seeing his images displayed he’d get a hollow feeling in the pit of stomach.  Noticing every flaw.  Every aspect that just wasn’t perfect.  I find myself falling into that same dilemma.  For some reason when I look at my work I can only see the details that I feel distract from the image.  I can look at anybody else’s work and look past the tiny flaws that would make me think my images weren’t worthy.   It wasn’t until he was approached by Mpix lab about a contest that they wanted run in conjunction with Kelby Training that he started to go back through his images.  Only upon the re-examination of the images did he realize that a lot of his work was “Not half bad”.  Now for me RC’s work is top notch and someday I hope to be as good as he is.  I bring this up as I still have not selected images to put up in Kim’s office building.  This after being approached by the owners to display my work any where in the building.  Size and subject matter at my discretion.  I know I’m LAME!  So my next goal is to select the 4 images I want to display and get them printed and framed and most importantly hung.  So time to re-examine my work and find those 4 shots that I feel represent my best work.  While I don’t have everything on my website, feel free to peruse and make comments and suggestions.  I always like to hear what other people think.  So take the time to go back and look at your own work without those hyper-critical goggles on and don’t forget to be great.


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