JDRF Luncheon

A few posts ago I mentioned about the JDRF luncheon for Rob Curley.  Well here are a couple of shots from the luncheon.  I know that I’ve said it before but these are just such a great group of people.  Dedicated beyond belief to the goal of ending Juvenile Diabetes.  Their big fund raiser walk is coming up on October 28th.  If you haven’t done so, please make a pledge to sponsor a walker.  Kim and I will be at the South Jersey Chapter Walk in Camden.  We’ll be providing portraits for all the teams and VIPs as well as  event coverage.  We’ll be doing our part by offering all of the team members the opportunity to purchase copies of the team portraits with all of the profits going right back to the JDRF.  I’ve created a fantastic frame overlay (thanks Photobacks) that will be customized to each teams color.  So it will really be something special when it’s done.  In addition to that I am making a special coupon available for anyone who wishes to purchase other images from my website.  Here again all of the profits from any of these purchases will go to the JDRF.  I know times are tight for a lot of people.  So give what you can.  Even if it’s just a dollar.  It all helps.  Thanks.


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