Homecoming 2012

A couple weeks ago Kim’s daughter Emily went to homecoming with a few of her friends.  So I set up a couple of lights on our back patio and did some portrait work.  Let me tell you nothing is worse than trying to keep the attention of teenage girls on the way to a dance who are running late.  So we rushed through and managed to get some good shots.  I used 2-Alien Bee 1600, my Photoflex 36 x 48 softbox on the main light and just a 20 degree honeycomb on the hair light.  I really like brick wall covered in ivy that is the background.  I just wish it had been a little brighter or I had more time to set-up a third light.  But all in all I’d say not bad for a sum total of 20 minutes of shooting.

New Gear

Once again I’ve been lax in my posting duties.  My sincere apologies.  But it is with great fanfare and excitement that I announce the addition of some new equipment.  While it is exciting it also only because of the passing of my friend Reid that I have acquired this new gear.  And what might these new additions be?  Well here’s the full list;

Canon 7D, Canon 60D, a Canon 70-200 f2.8IS lens, a Sigma 150-500 f5.6-6.3 lens, 4-Alien Bee 1600 strobes with all the modifiers you could want, Paul C. Buff Cybersyncs for the Alien Bees, and 2-Cyber Commanders, 2-Manfrotto tripods both with Arcaswiss ball heads and Really Right Stuff mounts and brackets, 2- background stand set-ups, 4-10 x 10 hand painted muslin backgrounds, numerous stands, 3-Photoflex Softboxes in various sizes, a Wesscott Triflector, multiple umbrellas including David Ziser Zumbrella and multiple reflectors ranging in size from 32″ to a full 72 x 48.  Not to mention enough foam core in both black and white and mounting board and matts to last me lifetime.

All I can say is “Thanks” buddy!  I’ll be thinking of you every time I use any of it!

JDRF River Walk-Camden

Back on the 28th of October the JDRF South Jersey Chapter held their big fund raiser walk.  It was based out of Campbell’s field, home of the Riversharks in Camden, NJ.  Kim and I were up early. 4:45am early so we could get there and be set up by 7:45.  As they say the best laid plans of mice and men went a rye very quickly.  With Sandy closing in we just prayed that the rain held off until after the walk but it did cause some last minute scrambling.  We were originally supposed to set up on the concours behind the infield seats.  Two days before the event the venue wanted to change things and put everyone down on the field.  No big deal I thought and arranged with the JDRF to have a tent set-up along the first base path near the dugout so I had relatively easy access to power.  Upon arrival I found no tent and no one to answer questions.  So after walking around the facility I found where they were assembling the balloon wall back ground.  Back up on the concourse near where we were originally supposed to be.  Only problem was it was right in the middle of the main egress from the seats to the main entrance.  Then there was no place to secure our gear and no table to set out our samples and other display items and no one to assist with sales.  So my plans for selling the team images went south very quickly.  We did our best and managed to capture 32 teams in between people walking through the middle of the set and being body checked as people walked by.  Sandy managed to wait and we encountered no rain.  Just a little on the cold side and windy towards the end.  Now let’s just hope we can generate some sales from all of this.  Not for me.  I am donating all of the profits from the venture back to the JDRF.