Google+ Hangout With Help-Portrait Philly

Last night I had my Hangout virginity taken away.  All I can say is that it was absolutely AWESOME!!!  It was such a great way to meet and connect with a bunch of the people who will be helping out at the 2424 York St. location this Saturday.  We brainstormed and in general just got acquainted with one another.  We talked about gear and who was bringing what and the location we were shooting in.  I’ve never been there but it seems like a great place for this event.  I can’t wait.  They’re hoping for about 150-200 people at this location which means we should be really busy.  Special thanks to Kacey Crawford who is in charge of this location.  She’s really the one who put the Hangout together and is coordinating all the goings on on Saturday.  I will definitely post images next week and I’m also going to try Tweeting during the event.  So keep an eye out.  If you find yourself in Philly this Satuday between 8 and 4 stop in.  Get a family portrait taken or just hang.  There is going to be other activities going on a lot of them for kids.  I’ve been informed that Santa might even be making a visit.  The address is 2424 York St.   Hope to see you then.


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