Westtown Winter Festival

Last week Kim and I were asked to be the photographers for the Westtown Winter Festival.  It was last minute deal.  Kim’s friend Bridget Brown and her husband Rick had recently been appointed to the Parks and Rec commission for Westtown township and apparently the previous commissioner had failed to obtain a photographer for the event.  So Bridget asked if we could do it.  No problem.  I scrambled and got some fliers printed up and put together a gallery for the event on my website.  We loaded up the RAV on Sunday morning with a bunch of gear and set up a quick portrait studio in one of the front rooms of the Oakbourne mansion.  It’s a great location.  Originally built in the mid 1800’s it has been a private residence for one of the Drexels (Drexel University), a convalescent home through the middle of the 20th century and then abandoned for 10 years before being given to the township.  It is beautiful with wonderful mosaics around the fireplaces and stunning woodwork through out.  Bridget and Rick are really promoting the space for weddings, parties, corporate gatherings and the like.  When we met about the Winter Festival we spoke at length about what’s involved in really promoting the facility and just getting the word out about the space.  Naturally the subject of high quality photos came up and they subsequently asked me to do some shots that they could use on the website.  No problem.  Yesterday Rick met me at the mansion and we spent several hours getting some Holiday and detail shots.  Look for those in the not too distant future.  In the meantime here are a couple of the portraits from the Winter Festival.

_MG_6211 _MG_6345_comb _MG_6284 _MG_6258


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