A Picture is worth………

In this case a little more than a million dollars.  That’s what these two images generated for the homeowner. Last Wednesday I had been asked to shoot a house for a realtor I had done some work for in the past.  When I arrived at the house I was less than impressed by the exterior. It seemed a little smaller than the type of homes this realtor normally has me shoot.  The realtor arrived shortly after I did and we spoke a bit before going in.  Her words to me were “It doesn’t have much curb appeal but what ’til you see the interior.  I’ve had a really hard time getting people in the door.  They just don’t believe that it’s as beautiful as I say it is.”  Wow.  Was she right.  From the front it looks like a rather plain, two story home.  Talk about not judging a book by it’s cover.   Turns out this is a huge 5 bedroom, 3 and a half bath home.  The owners had moved out and the entire home was staged for showing.  Really, really nicely done.   did what I do and got some really nice shots of the house.  When I was done the realtor begged me to turn the images around as quickly as possible.  I told her that I had two jobs in front of hers but would do my best to get them to her by Friday.  She said that would be “Awesome”  Well by the time I got home I had a text message from her begging me to get her something by the following day.  Long story made tolerable, I sent these two images the next evening. ( I was in Atlantic City all day Thursday but that’s another post)  I delivered the remainder of the images Friday afternoon as promised.  By Saturday afternoon the property was under contract.  Turns out she didn’t even need the remaining shots.

This is a great example as to why realtors should invest in high quality photography.  On the market less than 2 weeks and sold for just 10% below asking price.  The real estate market has made some drastic changes over the past few years.  Where it used to be you would drive around and your realtor would show you houses. Now everything is done on line and you tell the realtor which houses you’d like to see.  I know when Kim and I were looking at houses last year, if the images didn’t draw us in we passed it up.  As a realtor you can’t under estimate how good images can shorten listing periods, increase prices and make your life a whole lot easier.

Special thanks to Sue Fitzgerald of Prudential Fox and Roach for allowing me the opportunity to provide her with the images.

Final__MG_6875_half Final__MG_7115_half






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