Busy, Busy February

With February coming to a close I’m astonished as to how busy I’ve been.  A total of 16 real estate shoots and 5 hotel shoots.  Not too shabby.  Now it’s time to work on getting some marketing done to snag some of the Seniors.  This year I’m offering packages ranging from simple shoots to full blown Senior Extravaganzas with full hair and make-up to make it a real experience for the graduating Senior.  I’m also going to re-work my website and get some wedding pictures up there.  I’ve had a couple of dozen requests for pricing but haven’t been able to seal the deal because I don’t have any examples of wedding stuff up on my website.  It’s now become imperative.  So off to put on my marketing hat on in between all of the architecture work.

Here’s a couple of shots from the Embassy Suites Center City.  These were part of a shoot I did for Hotel Tonight last week.

Embassy Suites__MG_7744_finalEmbassy Suites__MG_7723_finalEmbassy Suites__MG_7711_final


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