Over the past few days I’ve a watched a webinar on CreativeLive given by photographer Scott Robert Lim.  It was about using Speedlights and portable flashes to create a signature look and in general how to get the most out of your little speedlights.  It was absolutely one of the most inspiring webinars I’ve seen in a long time.  I really want to get out and start trying some of these techniques.  I’ve got a really busy weekend coming up and should have the opportunity to try some of them.  Prom on Friday night.  I’ll be at the Jersey shore  Saturday morning covering a JDRF fundraiser walk.  Then I have to race back to West Chester to get some pick-up shots for Westtown Township at a wedding at the Oakbourne Mansion.  Then it’s another prom on Saturday night.  So should be able to try a few new techniques somewhere in there.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired when you’re just cranking things out.  But our creativity is what separates a professional photographer from just another picture taker.  So it’s really, really important to keep finding that inspiration and striving to make your images special and unique and captivating.  There’s one thing that I’ve noticed in watching photographers like Scott Lim, and Peter Hurley and Chase Jarvis.  And that is their passion for photography.  That’s the other element that separates the really great photographers.  Their love of photography and the creation of the image.  It’s not just about  about clicking the shutter, it’s about making everything in the image click.  So find what inspires you, challenges you, and most importantly find your passion.

Here’s the link to Scott Robert Lim’s website;


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