Westtown Winter Fest 2013

Once again this year Kim and I were asked to participate in the Westtown Winter Fest by our friends Bridget and Rick Brown.  It’s this nice little gathering of people from the Westtown section of West Chester.  Every year they have it in the beautiful Oakbourne Mansion.  A gorgeous late 19th century building that used to be someone’s house. There’s usually a handful of local crafts folks selling handmade gifts, a bunch of activities for the kids and of course us providing Holiday family and kid portraits around a Christmas tree.  This year I was going to add to our portion by providing prints for families right there on the spot.  You know.  Capture that impulse buy.  Wellllllll…….things didn’t go to plan.  After more than 6 years of flawless performance, my MacBook Pro (which I purchased used) took a turn for the worse.  The button on the track pad stuck and I could not get it unjammed.  This made trying to select anything an impossibility.  Naturally we were busy.  We had people lining up before we could even get set up.  I think the final count was 20 sittings from 12 different families.  While not only busy to accomplish this in the 2 hour span, it’s also challenging.  Going back and forth adjusting the height of the lights between toddlers and full grown families and back was challenging enough.  Add to that dealing with the little ones to try and get them to stand still long enough to click the shutter. Oh wow.  I definitely have a new appreciation for those folks who do kids photography on a regular basis.  They have the patience of a rock.  When it was all said and done though it was fun.  WInter Fest 2013 WInter Fest 2013 WInter Fest 2013


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