The Creative Cloud


I finally took the big step of upgrading to Photoshop CC the other day.  It was a little more involved than I initially thought but it is done and I’m really enjoying the new versions of PS, LR and Bridge.  If you’re a photographer you really should upgrade.  They are currently running a package called “The Photographers Bundle” which includes Photoshop CC, LR 5 (CC) and Bridge CC.  It’s just $9.99 per month for the first year. Be careful. This special expires soon. What I think is awesome is that you get the upgrades to all of these for the equivalent of $120.  How sweet is that?  I know the price is going to jump after the first year but to not have to worry about constantly paying for updates and upgrades is not a bad trade off.  The update went relatively smoothly and all of my presets and actions transferred without a hiccup.  I’m not usually a big corporate rah-rah kinda guy, but for some reason this seems to make a lot of sense for multiple reasons and is something I can get behind.  A word of warning.  If you’re a Mac user make sure you’re running 10.7 at a minimum.  Certain programs (LR) won’t install if you’re  OS is not at least to that point.


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