A Rainy, Rainy Day

It’s been raining since about 1 this morning and hasn’t really let up.  I guess it’s not really supposed to let up until tomorrow with it getting heavier this afternoon.  So I’m sitting here in the office printing images from the Westtown Winter Fest for the people who placed orders the day my computer took a nosedive.  I had gotten away from printing my own images for a while.  It’s a lot of hard work.  You go through a tremendous amount of ink and paper to get the image looking properly.  Then there’s writing of custom profiles for the different paper types and the time that takes.  But you know what.  I missed it.  That feeling of the print coming out of the printer and looking great.  That feeling of “Wow!  I made that!”.  In this digital age we as photographers  don’t  print the majority of images we take.  Yeah it’s fun to post them on-line.  Have your friends and peers send you all sorts of emails and comments about what a beautiful image it is.  But that feeling of holding the printed image.  I had forgotten what that feels like.  That visceral feeling of having a tangible print.  Yes it’s a digital age.  But take the time to create print.  Feel the texture of the paper.  Examine the subtle tonal shifts that sometimes get lost on the computer screen.  Take a moment to admire your craftsmanship in the creation of the image.



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