A House. A Photographer. And Getting the Color Correct

In my last post I promised I would share some images from the shoot I did.  So here they are.  I’ve been trying some new techniques I’ve learned reading the Scott Hargis book and studying what Mike Kelley does.   I’m really liking the results.  Real estate photography is not as easy as most people think it is.  Dealing with wide dynamic range of dark interiors balanced against bright windows and sunshine is very tricky.  Making things look natural and not over lit by too much flash.  Getting the view out the window but not too much.  And most importantly capturing the essence of the space.  Along with all of this is the ability to render colors accurately.  I was the 3rd or 4th photographer to shoot this property.  While there the owner expressed to me her concern that none of the previous  photographers had reproduced the colors correctly.  They ranged from a soft peach in the entry to a deep almost brick red in dining room to a soft yellow in the kitchen.   Challenged accepted.  She later showed me brochure with some of the images from one of the other photographers.  Let’s just say they weren’t accurate and leave it at that.  I tried to explain to her that it might not be entirely the photographers fault.  That there are a lot of variables when printing an image and making sure that colors are rendered correctly.  All while trying not get too technical.  After this conversation I thought for a moment about what the client said.  That it was a problem with the photographer.  Not it was a problem with the printer or the photographer sent images in the wrong color space or the realtor had used the wrong version of the images.  No.  It was the photographer’s problem.  Perception is everything.


Snowy, Rainy, Blech

To say it’s a crappy day would be putting it mildly.  We had about 10″ of snow over night, the wind has kicked up and it’s currently alternating between raining and snowing.  It’s just not pretty out there.  So I’m going to spend the day finishing the images for house I shot yesterday.  Yes.  I shot a house yesterday.  A very nice 5600 square foot house complete with an in-law suite.  So I should have something later today to show.  That is the one thing I do miss about Southern California.  The ability to shoot year round.  Though I will admit it’s been the best January and February I’ve had since I’ve moved back East.  

The Bride

Yesterday I promised I would post a couple of shots of Kim, the bride from the last wedding I shot.  She had beautiful skin and a lovely smile.  Well you can judge that for yourself.  I also wanted to thank Corey and Faymus Media for the opportunity to capture this wedding.  I forgot to mention this fact yesterday.  All of these shots are natural light.  Captured in her hotel room.  I used my 5D MKI and a Canon 24-105 f4IS.  This is a great lens and I love it.  All post work was done in LR5.  Nothing fancier than that.


Brooklyn Bound

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit.  What can I say?  Been busy.  Since I last blogged I’ve done 4 real estate shoots, an event for the JDRF and a wedding up in Brooklyn.  A week and half ago I did my first Friday wedding. A little odd considering it wasn’t the height of wedding season but the families were Seventh Day Adventists so a Friday wedding it was.  Kim and Alton were a great couple.  She was originally from Bermuda and he was from Jamaica.  Kim was great.  A wonderful personality and stunningly gorgeous skin. (I’ll post a couple bridal shots at a later date as I haven’t finished them yet) The ceremony was small (and fast) with family and just a handful of friends.  It was a quick 20 minute ceremony.  It seemed like I blinked and it was over.  After the formals I ventured to a small street with bride and groom that had a view of one of the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Kim and Alton wanted to get some shots with the bridge in the background.  I readily agreed since I wasn’t familiar with the area and didn’t get anytime to scout things out and it was Winter.  The location presented a couple of issues.  Bright Sun on the bridge and cityscape.  We were in the shadow of a building.  It was necessary for us to stand in the middle of a street.  There were cars parked on either side and snow to contend with.  And it was only about 20 degrees.  Since we rode together I didn’t pack all the gear.  The cameras, a flash and a 42″ reflector.  While I wish had brought more I was still able to get some good shots with the aid of a variable neutral density filter that is.  Here’s a couple of shots.

_MG_3413 _MG_3420 _MG_3615 _MG_7251 _MG_7173_MG_3424