Into the Woods…to Fernside Cottage we go!

Fernside Cottage in many ways might seem like something out of a fairy tale. It’s old, nestled in the woods, and an incredibly beautiful sight. This cottage, which has become a combination of modern and antique, dates back to 1835. It was bought in 1993 and transformed into a modern home with an interior laden with antiques from old weather vanes to carousel horses. The modern edges of the home are brought in through the use of glass walls which houses (pun intended) the master bedroom, bathroom, and the office, above the garage. The home has large windows to allow for the natural light to come in and for those in the home to enjoy the nature that surrounds them. Fernside Cottage seems to coexist with the nature around it, rather than intrude.

This was just a spectacular home to shoot.  I’d like to thank the owner’s Richard and Dennis for allowing me the opportunity to capture their magnificent home.  I would also like to thank Lisa Yakulis of Sotheby’s International for asking me to shoot this house.  Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

7525_finished_flat_half 7527_finished_half

Jenn and Matt Wedding


Jenn and Matt WeddingJenn and Matt Wedding

Jenn and Matt Wedding

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