The Bride

Yesterday I promised I would post a couple of shots of Kim, the bride from the last wedding I shot.  She had beautiful skin and a lovely smile.  Well you can judge that for yourself.  I also wanted to thank Corey and Faymus Media for the opportunity to capture this wedding.  I forgot to mention this fact yesterday.  All of these shots are natural light.  Captured in her hotel room.  I used my 5D MKI and a Canon 24-105 f4IS.  This is a great lens and I love it.  All post work was done in LR5.  Nothing fancier than that.



It’s Prom Time

Spring means different things to everyone.  For most it is the earth re-awakening from it’s Winter nap.  A re-birth so to speak.  For photographers it means proms, formals, Senior portraits, engagement portraits and the like.  This year I am trying to expand into the prom and Senior portrait arena.  I ran a contest earlier this year for Seniors where they could win a photo shoot and some prints.  I sent out mailers and had my girlfriend’s daughter distribute some post cards around the school.  It went ok but I found the response rather minimal.  I only got about 10 responses.  A little disappointing but hey it’s just the first year trying this.  So I am going to take a much different approach next year.  I’m going to find about 4 or 5 students from each of the area high schools and recruit them for this work.  I plan on providing them with their own photo shoot and print package as well as their very own Rep Cards.  All of this in exchange for a minimum number of referrals that turn into actual paying customers.  We’ll give that a try and see how that works.  I have attended a couple of webinars where other photographers have used this approach and apparently been very successful with it.  Plus having this knowledge under my belt will help me get a bit of a jump start on it for next year.

In the meantime here’s a couple of shots of Emily and her friends before they left for their Junior Prom.