JDRF Parvin Lake Walk

Back on October 7th Kim and I went out to Elmer, NJ and Parvin Lake Park to shoot one of the Walk for a Cure events for the JDRF South Jersey Chapter.  It was cold. It was wet.  But it wasn’t miserable.  Great attitude on the part of all the volunteers and participants provided all the sunshine you could want.  No one.  I mean NO ONE complained.  It was just a lot of fun to raise money for a great cause.  I know I go on about how great these people are and their die hard dedication to this cause, but these are just a wonderful group of people.  I’m not sure how much they raised but it was a great turn out even with the weather.  Annette told me that about 75% of the participants showed up.  I’m sure the ones that didn’t thought the event was cancelled due to rain.  But nope.  Rain coats, umbrellas and wet weather gear were the fashion of the day.


Another Successful Event for the JDRF South Jersey Chapter

I just got back from another successful event shoot for the JDRF.  I can not begin to tell you how special I feel to be a part of such a great organization.  These folks are just AWESOME!  The amount of money that has been raised since it’s inception is just staggering.  More than 1.6 billion dollars!  With 80% of the funds going to researching a cure for this chronic, auto-immune disease.  Just amazing.  The dedication that all of the volunteers have towards this cause is to say the least admirable.  Then there’s the parents.  People don’t realize how hard it is on the parents of the children with this condition.  They are the ones ultimately responsible for the health and well being of these children until they are old enough to comprehend and take control of their own lives.  So a REALLY big salute to all of them as well.  Your courage is astounding!

It was a really great event at the Mansion in Voorhees, NJ.  A very beautiful venue for weddings or banquets.   I did some more casual portraits for them.  Again it’s all people with Type 1 Diabetes.  These shots are going to be used for fund raising and will be posted at the Walk in October.  Also got some shots of the different speakers and attendees at the lunch.  These will be used on-line and in there newsletter.  I’m downloading them now and will post some in the next day or so.

A special shout out to Michael Stocklin and his son Andrew (T1D) who head up Andrew’s Army.  A team of fundraisers for the JDRF.  Great meeting you folks this afternoon.  I look forward to seeing you in October.  Keep up the good work!  Don’t forget……..email! email!  email! (An inside joke)

JDRF Heroes


Last Friday night Kim and I had the opportunity to attend and photograph another event for the JDRF of Southern NJ.  It was held at the home of the Camden Riversharks, Campbells Field in Camden, NJ.  It was another great event even though it was in the upper 90’s when the game started.  I can not begin to express how great this cause is and how great the people who are involved with the JDRF are.  From the parents to the volunteers there was a smile on everyone’s face!  What we did was set up a little, quick mini portrait area.  I used a Calumet, 42″ 5 in 1 reflector in it’s basic translucent white configuration and had Kim hold it behind subject.  We ended up shooting 30 or so portraits.  We did pictures of the kids and some adults.  All of whom have Type 1 Diabetes.  There was nothing really fancy.  Just down and dirty.  Quick, casual portraits.  Here’s a couple of examples of what we did.  You can see the rest of them on my website.  Here’s the link to the gallery; http://fullframefotography.com/p785988030

DIabetes effects so many people in this country (Your’s truly included) and to see these kids deal with the very specific regiment they must follow including multiple insulin injects daily was absolutely inspiring.  Not one complained, cried or whined about their injections after eating.  Just simply awesome.  I cannot forget the volunteers.  They didn’t complain or cry or whine either. (Well maybe a little bit about the heat. But it was 97 degrees for most of the event) They do such a great job of organizing and putting it all together.  All for the kids.  I am truly in awe and feel very privileged to be associated with this great group of people.

Enjoy your 4th.  Be safe.  And be awesome!

“I’m Not Dead Yet!”

Well for those of you who think that I might fallen off the face of the Earth, I haven’t.  I just have two words……New House!  Yep.  Kim and I have finally moved into our new house and taken on a…. ummm…. few projects.  I have been busy painting, remodeling the kitchen and laying new flooring in the kid’s rooms.  What does this have to do with photography?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Just an excuse for not posting in awhile.  OK a really long while.

I do have some news on the photographic front though.  Next week I start my gig as the official photographer for the JDRF of Southern New Jersey.  I’m really excited about this.  I have been contracted to do all of their events for the next year.  This is really big for me.  My first year long contract.  It’s a great cause and I’m glad I can be a part of it.  Being diabetic myself it’s a cause that I can really relate to.  I’m also getting busy on the real estate front again.  I shot the most expensive property I’ve ever shot last Friday.  It’s a $25,500,000.00 estate with 4 buildings including it’s own clock tower, a twin guest house with 3 bedrooms each and sits on 15 acres of property.  I will post images in the next day or two.  In the meantime don’t forget to be great!