Finally Some Sun

It seems like it has been a month of dreary, rainy, overcast days here.  Well this morning I finally woke to sunshine and blue skies. (Not mention the sound of lawnmowers).  All in all not a bad way to start your day and a big improvement on the past couple.  Sunshine is often underrated as a mood altering substance.  It sure makes everything seem that much more enjoyable.

Recently I’ve been really busy shooting houses for real estate agents and hotels for Hotel Tonight that I haven’t really done anything artistic.  So yesterday after I finished tweaking my website ( I decided to grab my camera and my macro lens and head outside between rain showers and see what I could find.  Well I didn’t have to go far.  I walked out onto my front porch and found raindrops still sitting on the leaves of the tulips in the garden.  Even though the flowers were gone I thought that the raindrops were interesting.  Especially the way they were just sitting atop of the leaves.  Here they are.  Enjoy.