More Good News

So the good news keeps rollin’ in.  I received a phone call yesterday from my friend Rick Brown who, with his wife Bridget, is the on the Park and Rec committee for Westtown Township.  Back in December Kim and I did the photography for their Winter Festival and I’ve done subsequent work photographing the Oakbourne Mansion for them.  Rick proceeded to tell me some great news.  They are using several of my shots in the monthly town magazine.  The only problem.  They didn’t give me credit for the images.  Rick was very apologetic  and said that they would include an errata in May’s issue AND they were going to use more of my images next month as well.  Let’s hope they don’t forget the credit this time. As soon as I can I’m going to get a copy and check it out.


Oakbourne Mansion

A few posts ago I mentioned a beautiful, 19th century mansion in Westtown Township called Oakbourne.  This mansion was a private residence for one of the Drexels and then throughout the early part of the 20th century it was convalescent home for women.  The mansion and it’s grounds are now a park in Westtown Township, PA.  They have recently put forth a push to open the mansion for weddings and other events.  I’ve been working in conjunction with Rick and Bridget Brown to help get the website and brochures together.  My images are going to be prominently featured on both.  As soon as they have them together I’ll get you the link and images of the brochure.  It’s been a lot of fun as I’ve been left to my own devices in terms of getting the shots for them to use.  Here’s a couple of shots that they are going to use.  I think you’d agree that it’s a really great space.  Lot’s of warm wood tones and absolutely gorgeous wood work.

_MG_6364_final _MG_6394_final _MG_6421_final_MG_6448_final